Student Researcher of the Year

Thank you to the Committee comprised of Angela Cavanna, DO, FAOASM, David Manna, PhD, David Yens, PhD, Joyce Brown, DO, CHSE, Chirag Soni (Committee Lead) and Sam Briggs for helping to choose Atif for this prestigious award!

2021/2022 - Atif Towheed, PhD

We are excited to submit Atif Towheed, PhD, OMS-IV, as a national candidate for Student Researcher of the Year. Atif was selected by our committee as TouroCOM Middletown’s Student Researcher of the Year not only for his prior research and publications but for his ongoing efforts during his Medical School career.

Three years after earning his Ph.D. in Molecular Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, Atif started his journey at TouroCOM Middletown. Atif’s area of expertise is in mitochondrial conditions. He has also published across a broad spectrum of other topics and has participated in numerous projects both in our Middletown community and nationally. He has written numerous clinical case reports and research publications, has served as a peer reviewer for three journals, and has given talks and poster presentations nationally during these four busy years.

Congratulations Atif! We wish you success going forward and are excited to see where your hard work and devotion to medicine and research will lead you in the future.