TOUCH Platinum

2020/2021 - Anthony Song

Congratulations to Tony Song, Class of 2023. He has always been dedicated to helping others and was involved with various volunteering projects throughout the year. Whether it was making lunches or sheltering the homeless to picking up groceries for the elderly, Tony was happy to dedicate his time to serving those in need. He'd like to give a special thanks to Student Doctor Monica Mikhael OMS III for her role in Circle K and for providing our student body with so many great volunteering opportunities.  Congratulations and thank you for your tireless dedication the community! 

2019/2020 - Andrew Bell

Congratulations to Andrew Bell, Class of 2023, for volunteering the most TOUCH hours during the 2019-20 school year, earning the platinum TOUCH award. As founder and president of our 3D Printing and Medicine Club, Andrew has been engaged in numerous creative and productive 3D printing projects, while also teaching other students how to use 3D printers.