Class Representatives & TAs

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What is a Class Representative?

Each year, students from each class are elected to represent student concerns to faculty. They serve as the liaison by collecting and presenting concerns about exams, clickers and other things related to the class.

Why should I be interested in this?

Elected individuals will represent courses for the entire academic year. Being a Class Representative is an awesome opportunity to get to know your professors, fellow classmates, and be a great advocate for your fellow students.

How do I become a Class Representative?

Elections are held once an academic year. Please reach out to your current SGA Parliamentarian for more details.

2022-2023 OMS-II Class Representatives

Natalie Toro

Early Clinical Experience (ECE),
Medical Simulation

Athena Masi

Medical Microbiology and Immunology (MMI) , OMM II

Paola Arteaga

Systemic Pathology
Behavioral Medicine

Rachel Madore

Clinical Systems (CS)

2022-2023 OMS-I Class Representatives

Tegan Gallina

Anatomy & Embryology


Microbiology/ Immunology

Prakhyat Sunuwar

Biochemistry/Medical Genetics


Shreya Patel


Physical Diagnosis

Ian Andrews


Professionalism & Medical Ethics

2022-2023 MS Class Representatives

Justin Rosales

Anatomy and Embryology I+II


Nigora Jurabaeva

Biochemistry/Medical Genetics
Law & Ethics/HHB

Jake Singh

Physiology I+II

Kenny Wen



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