Clinical Rotations

Clinical Rotations: This group serves as a liaison between TouroCOM Middletown's second and third year students at a specific rotation site. Committee members should be prepared to travel to the rotation site(s) they are representing (if necessary), are responsible for maintaining timely contact with the third year students throughout the year, and are expected to communicate important, time sensitive information to the student body as well as the faculty. 

Committee Head: Megan Worthington


Hi, my name is Megan and I am very excited to be the rotations committee head for the 2023-2043 year. Picking a rotation site should be exciting, not stressful. I strive to make the transition into third and fourth year more informed and easier for students moving forward. Some fun facts about me are as follows: I have a cat named Marley, I played college basketball, and I am from Missouri! I hope to continue the spirit of collaboration amongst my peers and faculty at TouroCOM and I am excited for another great year!

Yearly Events

List of Rotation Sites

Class of 2024 - Core Site List 3.2022[18610].pdf

Rotation Information

Class of 2024 -Third Year Information Packet -FINAL.pdf

Rotation Panel 2021

Here is a link to the Zoom recorded panel from this year!

Access Passcode: %Wui49by 

Additionally here is a rough transcription of the panel - please note this does not include all that was said during the panel, just some of the major points.

Copy of 3rd Year Rotations Panel.xlsx

Site Specific Info Session Recordings/PPTs

Contact Info 

Many of our wonderful third and fourth year students have volunteered to be a point of contact for their respective sites. Please reach out to them if you have any questions regarding their particular rotation site. 

Contact Information (Responses)

Survey Form for Current Third Years

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Rotations

Q: When do most students take their vacation and elective blocks?

A: Students will receive two blocks (8 weeks) of “Unknown Location” on their schedule. This is typically two consecutive blocks which students use for vacation time and for completing their required 4-week elective.  (Example: Blocks 1 & 2, Blocks 3 & 4, Blocks 5 & 6.)  Schedules are already predetermined, based on site capacity, and the elective & vacation time can be found scheduled throughout the third year. (Students are intended to utilize block 13 for dedicated Level II board preparation.)

Q: What does a typical day of Rotations look like?

A: Hours and schedules are going to vary based on service/rotation. An in-patient rotation is more likely to have a student scheduled for various shifts (days, evening, overnight) and weekends.  Outpatient will depend on the hours of the attending.   Students are expected to work as assigned by the clinical training institution, the hospital or clinical site.


Q: What are some factors that students consider when choosing a rotations site?

A: Students should consider rotation sites that fit their specific interests. Have an open mind. Remember that your 3rd year is a general exposure to seven disciplines (FM, SURG, IM, EM, PEDS, PSYCH, & OBGYN) over 48 weeks (8 weeks Elective & Vacation).   Think about what each site has to offer. Do you want a site where most rotations have a compliment of residents, interns and other medical student or do you like more preceptor base, working directly with the attending? While location is often important, remember you might be surprised by a site you would not have consider based on location.  You will only be there for a few short months regardless of assignment.


Q: Which rotation sites have residency programs?

These sites have Residency program(s):

Garnet Health Medical Center (Formerly Orange Regional Medical Center)

The Institute for Family Health (Ellenville, NY)

St. Joseph’s Health (Syracuse, NY)

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center (Brooklyn, NY)

Montefiore St. Luke’s (Newburgh, NY) *developing

Nuvance (various Hudson Valley, NY locations)

Additional information on the TouroCOM Website – GME Opportunities


Q: What is the dress code when we are at Rotations?

A: Students on rotations will wear their provided white coats with appropriate name designation; ID badges worn may be provided by the training facility. The medical students shall dress in a manner appropriate for a physician in the clinical care settings (business professional). Students should adjust their appropriate dress base on expectation outlined by the service they are rotating on.

Q: When is it expected for students to come back to NY/NJ for their clinical orientation?

A:  Each clinical rotation site has specific requirements for orientation.  Students are expected to be available to attend and should remain flexible to ensure their participation. Students must check their Touro email and New Innovations for updates regarding rotation orientation and other requirements to be completed prior to the start date of each rotation. Dates are site specific; therefore, students should take this into consideration when scheduling, for example, travel or COMLEX level 1.

Q:  Do all sites start on July 1st?

A:  Students need to be available for site & COM requirements the last full week of June as sites may elect to begin student rotations as early as Monday, June 27th, with clinical site orientation requirements hosted prior to the start date. Formal start dates will be announced as dates are confirmed.


Q:  Are all of your rotations at the main site or do you have to move around and look for different places to live at? Are there apartments/ living areas close to the hospital?

Core sites:

Garnet Health Medical Center (Formerly Orange Regional Medical Center)

Garnet Health Medical Center (Formerly Catskill Regional Medical Center)

The Institute for Family Health

Montefiore Saint Luke’s Cornwall Hospital

Montefiore Nyack Hospital (Shared with Harlem)

Nuvance (including Vassar Brothers, Putnam Hospital, and Sharon Hospital)

Oneida Health

St. Joseph’s Health (Syracuse, NY)

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center



Horizon Family Medical Center

Cornerstone Family Healthcare

Boston Children’s Health Physicians

Astor Child and Family Services


A:  The Department of Clinical Education will be sending the class of 2024 a “3rd Year Information Packet” prior to the end of the calendar year to answer many of our other questions such as the ones listed below. As soon as we have this information it will be posted here!  

Q:  How soon do we get our schedules for the next rotation?

Q: Can you give us a rough timeline of when we should do certain things in the rotations selection and preparing for rotations process?

Q: How does the process of trading rotation sites with Harlem work?