The Wellness Committee organizes events that encourage positive behavior - physically, mentally, and spiritually through various activities. They are responsible for OMS Day of Wellness and supports the mission of the Mental Health Task Force.

Executive Chair: Lenora Koffman

Committee Head: Berrak Yildiz

Hi everyone! My name is Berrak Yildiz and I am excited to be your wellness committee head! I have found that Wellness is a tool that we have within ourselves, yet we don’t utilize it often. This could be because either we are not aware that we have it within ourselves, or think we don’t have the time for it. Therefore, I am excited to take on this role and help my fellow TouroCOM family to explore what will find them harmony and overall wellness. I look forward to working with my committee to bring wellness events to the TouroCOM community this academic year! Please reach out if you have any suggestions! 

Yearly Events

Wellness Links

Visit our resources website to check out some of our committee members' favorite wellness-related resources! We know wellness looks different for everyone, so there are different categories for activities to suit your needs. 

Do you know about any resources that you think other students could use to benefit their wellness? Let us know by using the suggestions form, messaging us on social media, or letting any committee member know! 

The Wellness Committee Link Tree serves as a central location for the committee to post resources, link our social media accounts, and for Touro students to access Wellness Committee-related forms such as feedback forms (also linked below) and pertinent event sign-up forms.

Feedback, Suggestion, & Spotlight Forms

Hot Chocolate 2021

Wellness Week 2019

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