Creative Arts in Medicine

Mission Statement: CAiM create a community for members of the TouroCOM family to share their artistic interests with others, and explore how involvement in creative arts can benefit the mind, body, and spirit. Arts includes, but is not limited to: music, painting, dance, poetry, acting, etc.

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Rafiq Zaib


Layla Hindiyeh

Vice President

Unnikrishnan Nair


Melissa Montoya


Fall 2021

CAiM held an awesome painting a Winter Wonderland with Bob Ross night! 

Spring 2021

Art Auction

On March 1st 2021 at 6 PM, CAiM & SAAO teamed up to host a historic art auction over zoom. Faculty, and students contributed art work which participants could bid on to win and take home! From Alexa Walsh’s highly valued “Pretty in Pink” to Natasha Nazir’s “Lioness”, students fought tooth and nail to win these cherished pieces. Our very own faculty made contributions as well. Dr. Rosenfeld, contributed 6 of her own drawings to the auction and Dr. Dean contributed hand made rugs! CAiM’s president, Tony Song, collected and showcased the art while Master of Ceremonies Megan Brooks, SAAO’s president, hosted the evening with class, wit, and charisma. Special shout out to Student Dr. Brooks for all the planning and preparation she did the weekend prior to the art auction including making a dope beat that was played as background music at the event and a commercial to promote the event! Rahul Gunasekera, SAAO treasurer, was the man of the hour- keeping track of every bidder to follow up and get their contact information. Several other students were behind the scenes making this all happen special shout outs to Jillian Wong, SAAO secretary and Adam Smith! These two were instrumental in ensuring the event ran smoothly. With well over 80 people in attendance, many felt this event provided stress-relief and was an escape in the midst of the pandemic. It was refreshing to feel a sense of connection to Touro colleagues outside of the school setting. The art auction was hugely successful raising close to $2,000.00 for St. Judes Hospital.

CAiM coloring book.pptx

Coloring Book

The talented students of Touro came together to create a coloring book that was distributed to various pediatric offices in the region. Check it out! You can even print off one of your own to color as a nice study break.