Lifestyle Medicine Club

Mission Statement: The LMIG at TouroCOM NY is founded in affiliation with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine in order to allow the organized collaboration of a group of prevention-oriented student members who are passionate about Lifestyle Medicine as well as increasing awareness of the field. We recognize the need for future health care innovation which includes a passion for promoting health through the identification and eradication of the causes of disease using lifestyle modifications to complement and enhance the current standard practice of medical procedures and prescription medication. 

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Troy Albert 


Melissa Montoya

Vice President

Priya Koundinya 


Frank Miele


Spring 2022 - Check Out Our Upcoming Events!

Integrating Lifestyle Medicine During Pregnancy

This webinar will discuss the role of nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress on adverse pregnancy outcomes and how each can be applied.

When: Wednesday, 1/19 12-1pm 

Where: Zoom

Meeting ID: 929 9202 8356 

Passcode: 720750


Empowering Patients to Engage in (and Actually Enjoy) Exercise

This webinar discusses the science and art of effectively collaborating with patients to make and sustain meaningful lifestyle changes. When: Wednesday, 1/26 6-7pm 

Where: Zoom

Meeting ID: 881 3595 0972 

Passcode: 658992


Treating the Root Cause to Prevent and Reverse Obesity and Heart Disease

This presentation provides the outline for a 12-step transformation. It provides a stepwise approach to getting the patient on track with their health, fitness and weight goals. 

When: Thursday, 2/17 12-1pm

Where: Classroom 1


The Role of Lifestyle Medicine in Pain Management and Musculoskeletal Disorders

The evaluation and management of pain is one of the most common reasons for adults to seek medical care. In this webinar, we will discuss the role of lifestyle medicine treatments. 

When: Wednesday, 2/23 6-7pm 

Where: Zoom (Please see student events calendar closer to the event date)


Don't Just “Manage” Diabetes — Reverse It with Lifestyle!

Dr. Kelly will share the recent medical research that reveals why complete remission (reversal) of type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance is now the appropriate clinical goal for treatment, and how the proper lifestyle modifications can help achieve it. 

When: Wednesday, 3/9 12-1pm

Where: Classroom 1

How Evidence-Based Lifestyle Medicine Strategies Can Prevent and Reverse Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s

While conventional medicine provides no viable treatment or prevention for Alzheimer’s Disease, lifestyle medicine, when properly applied, provides the foundational strategies for successful treatment outcomes.

When: Wednesday, 3/23 6-7pm

Where:  Zoom (Please see student events calendar closer to the event date)

Caring for Ourselves: Considerations for Clinician Well-Being and Self-Care

This webinar addresses the need for improved clinician care and well-being, current issues relevant to clinician health and well-being, how to identify, distinguish, and prevent burnout.  

When: Tuesday, 4/5 12-1pm 

Where: Classroom 1

Fall 2021

LMIG hosted a variety of awesome events this semester including a school wide step challenge! The faculty winners were Dr. Kamath and Dr. Zeszutek and our student winners were Freshta Akbari, MS, Jack (Yanchen) Shi, OMS-I, and Sheenali Patel, OMS-II. 

Superfood Tasting

LMIG hosted a superfoods tasting event along with a discussion about healthy nutrition therapy with guest speaker Talia Cohen.