Translating Osteopathic Understanding into Community Health

Use TrackItForward for personal hour tracking. The Coordinator form is only for Club and event submissions. If you have found new volunteering opportunities please suggest them at the email below. Please forward all questions to the TOUCH Committee email

What is TOUCH?

The Translating Osteopathic Understanding into Community Health (TOUCH) Program is a national initiative of the Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents (COSGP).

Its goal is to encourage osteopathic medical students to engage in service throughout their community, in order to impact those outside of osteopathic medical students and professionals, for the purpose of expanding the osteopathic ideals and principles to those unaware of our professional values.

Osteopathic medical students complete TOUCH approved events in the community and submit their hours to a national database. Recognition is given to students who achieve 35 hours, 70 hours, and the most hours on a campus in a given year.

For more information, visit AACOM's website.

TOUCH Orientation 2021-2022
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What are the TOUCH program policies?

The TOUCH year runs from May 1st to April 30th each year.

Students that reach a threshold (for either silver or gold) during any TOUCH year of their medical school career, will be eligible for rewards from the COSGP and TouroCOM.


  • Platinum: Each school has a top participant who receives the Platinum-level recognition. See our previous winners!

  • Gold: Students who complete 70 hours over a year receive a Gold-level recognition.

  • Silver: Students who complete 35 hours over the year receive a Silver-level recognition.

From TouroCOM Middletown:

  • Special recognition by Dean Steier in your MSPE (Medical School Performance Evaluation), which is shared with residency programs when applying for the match, as well as a letter in your file.

For more information, visit AACOM's website.

How do I log TOUCH hours?

Individual students must log their TOUCH hours on the Track It Forward Website.

Student Organizations must submit TOUCH eligible activity information through the TOUCH Event Form (learn more about our organizations here on the 'Student Organizations' and 'Student Life' pages).

All submissions will be reviewed by the TOUCH Committee for approval or rejection. Rejected submissions will receive an email regarding the reason for rejection.

For more information, see the Logging Your TOUCH Hours page on the AACOM Website.

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How can I contact the TOUCH Committee?

Please send all TOUCH related inquiries to

The TOUCH Committee members for the 2022-23 academic year are:

The TOUCH Committee members for the 2021-22 academic year were:

What makes an opportunity TOUCH eligible?

TOUCH Hours are any activity that works to improve the health and wellness of a community which incorporates osteopathic tenets, awareness, principles, and practice. (See Section VII, TOUCH Hours Standards)

  • A "community" includes working to improve the overall health of humans, animals, and the environment. Any institutions outside of the school are considered the community. Community includes local, state, national, and international communities.

  • Community engagement outside of Touro COM Middletown is the key aspect of TOUCH hours.

All service hours are considered either TOUCH or Volunteer hours.

  • Any hours that do not meet TOUCH standards are considered Volunteer hours.

  • Service hours (either TOUCH or Volunteer) are not compensated, not self-serving (academically or otherwise), and not directly benefiting Touro COM or our students. They involve active participation.

TOUCH hours include 100% of qualified event hours plus 50% of planning hours for a qualified event. Half of planning hours for a TOUCH eligible event are considered TOUCH eligible.

The following are examples of TOUCH approved hours:

  • Health Fairs

  • Soup Kitchens

  • Providing OMM at a marathon

  • Walks/races for a cause

  • Medical mission trips

  • Raising funds for a local charity

  • Donating blood

Service that is not TOUCH (not engaging the outside community) is considered Volunteer.

The following are examples of Volunteer hours:

  • Tutoring classmates

  • Mock practicals

  • SIM labs

  • Being on call and providing no service aside of academic requirements

The following are examples of activities that are not service eligible (not TOUCH or Volunteer)

  • Shadowing

  • Rotations

  • Attending conferences

  • Research

  • Administrative tasks that do not involve planning or the actual event

  • Funds raised for philanthropy, club use, or school use

Student TOUCH Hours should be submitted to Track It Forward within one month of the activity or date of service. (Submissions made over a month after the date of service risk being rejected.)

  • Any record, event, or day with greater than 10 TOUCH Hours in one day must include the supervisor’s name and contact information on the submitted entry.

  • Any record or event greater than 50 TOUCH Hours requires additional verification by TOUCH National Coordinator

All submissions will be verified and then approved or denied by the TOUCH Committee.

Students who are found to have falsified a TOUCH record, in a first offense will receive a warning from the national TOUCH coordinator. Students who are found to have falsified a TOUCH record, in a second or subsequent offense, will receive no credit for previous hours; be deemed ineligible for TOUCH recognition the remainder of the TOUCH year; and the student’s falsification will be reported to the student’s college by the national TOUCH coordinator.

Can I create a TOUCH Eligible Opportunity?

  • Yes! As long as it meets TOUCH opportunity eligible requirements as described above, and as long as the organization has a coordinator that is willing to be listed as a point of contact who can verify hours.

What are some TOUCH Opportunities available for me?

Below is a list of TOUCH eligible opportunities run through either school-related organizations or students. All opportunities contain a brief description, as well as contact information.

  • Opportunities in green are active and recurring

  • Opportunities in gray are still pending verification

  • Opportunities in blue are one time events

Students should submit any new opportunities for this page here. Submissions will be verified and then added to the document. Students with recurring opportunities are highly encouraged to submit them!

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Upcoming TOUCH events